Sr Software Engineer (Python & Java)

Human Rise Agency
AWS, Big Data, Java, Machine Learning, Python, Terraform
Remote, Iasi
Full time

About the company

The client is a swiftly expanding fintech enterprise, delivers cloud-based SaaS data and analytics solutions to a diverse clientele within the global financial markets. The client portfolio encompasses investment banks, asset managers, proprietary trading firms, financial regulators, trading venues, and research companies. Currently serving 20 clients, including major global banks, our aim is to reach 50 clients by the conclusion of 2023. In light of our rapid growth, expanding client base, and product roadmap, we’re seeking good people (as specialists) to join his team.

About job


  • Objective: Understand the business, take ownership of issues, and provide collaborative solutions with stakeholders.
  • Work Method: Utilize Scrum with 2-3 week sprints.
  • Programming Languages: Proficient in Python, Java, and Terraform.
  • Platform: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) focused with emphasis on BigQuery.
  • Product Type: Presently serverless, potential future products may differ.
  • Release Frequency: Frequent releases, particularly at sprint ends.
  • Automation: Embrace automation for streamlined processes.
  • Support: Responsible for maintaining our software.
  • Security: Maintain high information security levels (ISO27001 certified).
  • Long-term Focus: Emphasis on quality and long-term sustainability.

Role: Tech Lead

  • Description: Shape technological solutions in a rapidly growing fintech environment.


  • Responsibilities:
    • Lead development for select company products.
    • Translate high-level outcomes into robust architectural designs using GCP’s capabilities.
    • Ensure the reliability and security of solutions, with contingency plans for failures.
    • Execute well-planned releases with minimal disruption and clear rollback strategies.
    • Mentor junior team members.


  • Ideal Candidate Qualities:
    • Ownership mindset and inquisitiveness.
    • Proficiency in Java, some Python experience, and adeptness in SQL.
    • Ability to collaborate with senior personnel for requirements and clarity.
    • Experience with cloud, serverless (preferably GCP), and financial markets.
    • Data engineering skills, especially with handling large-scale data.
    • Familiarity with FIX and/or exchange connectivity.
    • Experience in managing and evolving tech stacks.


  • A salary that meets the industry benchmarks.
  • Remote work arrangement.

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